Richard Jackson

Sep 24, 1945 -

Master Printer

Richard Jackson's Inspiration

I first learned of Richard Jackson during a Michael Fatali workshop in 1995 or so. Fatali's exceptional cibachrome prints were the result of a master collaboration with Richard. My photographic printing awareness at the time was nascent at best and Richard floated out of my mind. As the photographic world transitioned from film to digital based photography, Richard expanded his printing studio to include both fine art digital and analog printing options. I was interested in exploring the finest digital printing available and we exchanged a few emails regarding a potential collaboration. In the end I elected to go with a different studio, ColorFolio, out of Sebastopol, California, because they were within 2 hours of my home and I desired a collaboration where I could be physically present.

Fast forward to 2013. My photographic life had completely changed. I had just moved to Bend, Oregon and was putting the finishing touches on a second darkroom. A less then inspiration experience in Michael Fatali's gallery just outside Zion National Park inspired me to contact Richard. Three months later, Richard traveled to Bend for a three-day lesson on advanced darkroom techniques focused on masking for Cibachrome. During that lesson, Richard corrected a monumental mistake I had made. My printing temperature (for 7 years!) had been incorrect. I was using 75° when the correct temperature was °86. The difference in temperature meant my prints were under developed and dense.

Since then, Richard and I have enjoyed many visits and discussions about the art of fine print. And I am a profoundly better printer because of his mentoring and friendship.

About Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson is an American Master Printer. Jackson began learning photography and darkroom printing at the age of 13, but eventually decided to focus solely on mastering the intricacies of the printing process. Combining technical skills with artistic sense, Jackson helps photographers to translate the potential of their raw images to spectacular prints. Richard’s career spans 40 years and has created fine art prints for photographers such as Thomas Mangelsen, Stephen Wilkes, Frans Lanting, Jack Dykinga, Gary Ladd and Michael Fatali. He has also printed for many National Geographic photographers including Michael “Nick” Nichols, Steve McCurry, Steve Winter, Jodi Cobb, Joe McNally and Annie Griffiths.

Richard working on an image from Stephen Wilkes' Day to Night series.